You're In Good Hands With Oxford Lehr PLLC

Finding a lawyer you can trust is becoming increasingly difficult. At Oxford Lehr PLLC, we believe you deserve more than just an attorney — you deserve an advocate and an ally during your greatest times of need.

Our law firm is committed to helping you achieve results in any legal challenge you may be facing. We know life can be complicated, especially when the law is involved. That is why we handle a wide range of civil and criminal matters for our clients in courts all over the state of Oklahoma.

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While we focus our practice on personal injury and family law, we have the experience to help our clients with a wide variety of legal challenges they may be facing. From car accidents to simple wills and civil rights violations, we can help you find a favorable outcome to your case.

Our Core Values

Oxford Lehr PLLC is built upon a foundation of our core values that we put into every case we represent. These include:

  • Sensitivity toward our clients
  • Commitment and dedication
  • Flexibility to work around your needs
  • Open communication
  • Accurate assessment of your claim
  • Attention to detail

When you consult our law firm, you receive personal attention from attorneys who care about your success. You shouldn't settle for anything less.

Building A Stronger Tulsa Community

Practicing law is about more than just business. We believe that by holding people accountable for their actions, we can make Tulsa safer and stronger. But our attorneys can't do it alone — only together can we make Tulsa better for all of us.

We offer free initial consultations and competitive rates as part of our commitment to meeting your needs. Call our offices at 918-884-6016 to make an appointment, or email us to get started.