We Make Family Law Simple

When a family splits up, things become complicated. Living situations change, holidays can be a mess and finances are strained. This is why at Oxford Lehr PLLC, we make family law simple. We can walk you through all your most challenging family law matters, setting you and your family up for its next chapter.

  • Divorce: We take every factor into consideration before making the next step in your divorce. Our years of experience in Oklahoma family law helps our lawyers identify and address potential hurdles before they become a major problem.
  • Child custody and visitation: Anytime children are involved, their interests are our top priority. If a former spouse is denying your right to be involved in your child's life during or after a divorce, we can help. Whether it's ensuring the visitation schedule is upheld or granting you full custody, we will fight for your right to be a parent.
  • Guardianships: Dealing with a guardianship issue is always an emotionally difficult time. Whether you're trying to establish a legal guardianship or find a suitable guardianship for your children, our hands-on approach makes the process as smooth as possible.

We want to be the advocates Tulsa families turn to as they are starting the next chapter of their lives. Our goal when we accept a family law case is to find the most amicable arrangement that allows everyone to move on. The outcome of any family law case will impact your life more than you can imagine. Let us make sure it's a positive impact for you and your family.

Helping You Find Collaborative Solutions

While many people wish to fight for all they can during a divorce, this is often not the best path forward. Especially when children are involved, one-sided divorces can leave the family dynamic permanently fractured, which could emotionally and psychologically harm the child.

This is just one reason that our attorneys at Oxford Lehr PLLC help you find amicable solutions that protect your rights while keeping your entire family's best interests in mind. Call us today at 918-884-6016 to set up your initial consultation, or send us an email to get started.