A Simple Car Accident Can Change Your Life

Operating a vehicle on our roads comes with certain duties and responsibilities, the most important being the duty to use caution. Caution requires us to keep a proper lookout for other vehicles and hazards in the roads.

Unfortunately, drivers today are more distracted than ever with smart phones, navigation systems and the kids' DVD player. Sometimes you are just having a bad day. Motor vehicle accidents are rarely intentional, but they can be devastating to the victim, nonetheless.

The Benefits Of Our Experience

Over the years we've handled car accident cases that resulted in both major and minor injuries. From whiplash to broken bones and everything in between, at Oxford Lehr, PLLC. we know how to handle any kind of car accident claim.

One of the biggest advantages of using Oxford Lehr, PLLC. as your lawyer, is that we know how to identify liability and additional sources of compensation. Most lawyers only look to the other driver and the insurance company, but we know to also check with:

  • Uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage
  • Product liability
  • Premises owners

In the rare event that a case requires knowledge outside of our experience we have an extensive network of third party experts we can work with. This network includes collision experts, medical experts, and other helpful resources.

We Take The Edge Off Your Stress

Getting injured in a car accident can be emotionally and financially stressful. At Oxford Lehr, PLLC. our goal is to help you recover in every aspect of your life and get things back to normal. We always offer free consultations to you get the process started. Call us today at 918-884-6016, or reach out online for more information.