What Do You Do After You're Injured On The Job?

When you are injured due to a workplace accident, you may think that workers' compensation is your only option. While it's true that you usually can't sue your employer in a personal injury lawsuit (because they're covered by workers' compensation insurance), you could have a personal injury claim against a third party if they were at fault for your accident.

At Oxford Lehr PLLC, our attorneys explore every avenue for compensation available to you. Sometimes, you may have both a workers' compensation and personal injury claim. If a third party caused your accident while you are on the job, you could file a personal injury lawsuit against that third party, while claiming workers' comp from your employer.

We Help You Secure Workers' Compensation

We think it is unjust for companies to deny hardworking employees workers' compensation when they are hurt on the job. As Tulsa workers' compensation lawyers, we've fought for clients against companies of all sizes to get the money and treatment they need.

Under Oklahoma's workers' compensation laws if you are hurt on the job you are guaranteed:

  • Medical care
  • Weekly income benefits
  • Permanent disability benefits
  • Rehabilitation

Due to time limits and other restrictions set by Oklahoma workers' comp laws, we recommend contacting an Oklahoma workers' compensation lawyer as soon as possible. We know all the common roadblocks employers, insurers and the state use to wrongly deny you workers' compensation, and we'll help you overcome them.

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