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Auto Accident Lawyers in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Auto accidents are traumatic and can have lasting physical, emotional, and financial effects on you and your loved ones. To get what is fair after the negligence of another driver, you need legal representation that will fight aggressively for your rights and work to get you the compensation you deserve. 

Our skilled personal injury attorneys at Oxford Lehr can help you seek just compensation for medical bills, lost income, property damage, emotional distress, pain, and suffering. We are unwavering in our support of auto accident victims in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bartlesville, Claremore, and Muskogee.

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Compensation After a Car Accident

The unexpected costs of a crash can be difficult to take on for individuals and families alike. From repair bills to medical care, our auto accident attorneys in Tulsa know the potential financial burdens our clients face. That is why we are tenacious advocates for our clients and why we do everything in our power to help them get what they need after a wreck. 

When we take on your case, we can help you seek:

  • Wages you missed because you were unable to attend work, or because injuries you sustained in the accident limited your ability to work 
  • Current, past, and future medical bills from an ambulance ride, appointments with a doctor, physical therapy, medication, and more
  • Car repairs that your vehicle needs 
  • Non-economic effects such as pains you have had to endure or emotional stress you experienced as a result of the crash

In certain cases where a driver’s excessively reckless actions caused an accident, you may be able to seek punitive damages. Should a person’s decision to drive drunk lead to wreck, for example, the victim can purse punitive compensation, in addition to the forms we have listed above. 

What to Do If You Have Been Injured in a Car Wreck

If you have been injured in a car crash, it is important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible for yourself and/or your passengers. Seeing a medical professional for your injuries can put you on a quicker path to recovery and help you detect or track the progress of any hidden issues that could appear months or years after. 

Additionally, being examined and treated by a doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse can aid your legal case. This is because having an official record of your injuries and their severity can help you demonstrate to a judge how the accident impacted you and why you need the damages you are asking for. 

Beyond seeking medical help, here are three things you should do if you have been injured in a wreck:

  1. Call the local authorities and make sure to file a police report. Doing this will make sure you have a record of the accident, which you will need in your case. 
  2. Take pictures and videos of the crash and your injuries. Like medical and police records, this documentation can be crucial evidence in your case. 
  3. When it is safe and/or possible to do so, get the information of the other driver in the accident. Information you should gather includes their name, phone number, insurance provider and policy number, license plate number, and driver’s license number. 

After taking the above steps, seek the help of a trusted attorney as soon as possible. Retaining a lawyer can help you build your case and adequately prepare to seek appropriate damages. Oklahoma law places a two-year time limit on when individuals can file a claim for their accident. While this might seem like a long period, your day-to-day life, the legal process, and other factors could delay the filing, and you do not want to run out of time. 

  • $400 Thousand Wrongful Death
  • $250 Thousand Car Accident
  • $150 Thousand Car Accident

We Help You Get the Most from Insurance Companies

Getting the compensation that is rightfully yours from a claim with an insurance company can be difficult. Insurance companies are often determined to try and pay as little as possible. Our Tulsa auto accident attorneys at Oxford Lehr take on insurers who try to deny our clients the money they need. To get what is just, we consult experts in various fields such as physicians, forensic engineers, and collision reconstruction analysists to make your case. 

Trust our attorneys to help you receive what you deserve. Contact us online or call us today at (918) 779-1987.

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